Thursday, 16 July 2015

Dr. Gaurav Shukla a blind Radiologist.

This is about Dr. Gaurav Shukla who has a scanning center named as “IRIS Diagnostics”. Dr. Gaurav Shukla is blind from one eye and this disability of him is affecting his professional life. Its not uncommon that Dr. Gaurav Shukla provide an abnormal study as Normal Study. On a daily basis Dr. Gaurav Shukla make errors in about 80% of the reports he does whether it may be the ultrasound scanning, X-Ray reporting, CT Scan or the MRI Scan. On a very recent occasion Dr. Gaurav Shukla provided an erroneous report for a very critical Brain CT as normal study. Patient had done the CT Scan on another center for a second opinion and found a tumor in Brain. Luckily because of patient’s intelligence he found out about the tumor otherwise because of Dr. Gaurav Shukla’s mistake tumor would have grown to a very unrecoverable stage.

So beware of this person who calls himself a very big radiologist. Dr. Gaurav Shukla is a blind disabled radiologist.